Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Well Wishers

The Well Wishers is a sequel to Magic or Not? and follows the same group of children.

The Story: The kids try to evoke the magic (or not?) of the well again to help some people in the town. They set about to start a group of people with "wishing" wells in their town, to band together and all wish together. Along the way, they have some adventures (of course!) and meet some very interesting people.

The Good: As in Magic or Not?, slightly unappealing characters are given a chance to redeem themselves, and the whole vibe is kind of Pay it Forward by the end. Good writing style, and likable characters.

The Bad(ish): There is one storyline about the first black family coming to town, and the kids handle it well, but there is a lot of tension with the grown-ups. It's about as "political" as these books get, so I can handle it. The "magic," again, is not straight-up magic, but it works.

The Verdict: These two are probably my least favorite in the series, but still great reads.

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