Friday, February 26, 2010

It's that time Again: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! (on March 2)

We are still busily chugging along on Inkspell, and it's going to take us a while (though we are nearly halfway through!).  So, I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to remind you that Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up on March 2!

Last year, I told you about some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books in honor of his birthday.   This year, I thought I'd share some other ideas to celebrate the day.

I know it's not until next Tuesday, but this will give you some heads up to plan.
  • I found this great site, where you can download your own Seuss Reading Passport.  Yes, I've printed a copy for each of my kids (not all the books are on there, but most of the real classics.  Maybe I'll add some pages for the rest of them....)
  • I'll be making a themed lunch for my daughter on Tuesday.  Check it out on my lunch blog when the day comes.
  • I think we'll make some Oobleck.  Here's a great looking tutorial.
  • You better believe we'll be having Green Eggs & Ham for breakfast.
  • There are some cool game ideas at, too.
  • We have one of the Dr. Seuss board games (Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That!) and I think it'll be obligatory to play a couple rounds.
  • Of course, read one of your favorite Seuss books.  Or two.  Or three.  Or, pick up a new one to expand your horizons - and stamp your Seuss Passport!
Happy (early) Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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