Thursday, August 9, 2012

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Titan's Curse, Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian

I am SO behind on blogging these books!

I wanted to note that we had, in fact, read them, and that I am, in fact, still doing this blog... it's been a crazy summer so far, though, so let me apologize ahead of time for the fact that this post is going to cover three books, and that it might not be the format I like to do...

I promise to do better in the future.

Titan's Curse: In this book, Percy and his friends have to help rescue the goddess Artemis from her prison as a stand in for Atlas, holding up the earth, as the Titans strengthen their forces and ready for battle with the Gods.  Along the way, they meet a couple mysterious demigods, and the future of the world, mortal and immortal, hangs in the balance.

Battle of the Labyrinth:  When it is discovered that Daedelus' labyrinth really does exist, and that it has actually expanded over time, and like Olympus, has shifted to lie under the US.  With the Titan army rising, it could be disastrous if they gain control of the labyrinth, with access to anywhere - including Camp Half-Blood!  Percy and his friends need to prevail if the world as they know it is going to survive.

The Last Olympian: The Titan War is at hand!  This is a nearly non-stop action-packed book, full of battles, betrayals, monsters, friends, enemies, and seemingly insurmountable difficulties.  The Titans are strong, and it doesn't seem like the Olympians and the demi-gods will be able to defeat them... Percy and his friends go through much to try to save the world.

So that's that.  I can honestly say that Evalina is completely obsessed with these books.  She's read the Battle of the Labyrinth three times by herself, after we read it together.  She has proclaimed herself a "Greek God Geek," and knows more about some of them than I do..

Next - the Heroes of Olympus series!!  Halfway through The Lost Hero already... I will do a better post on it, promise!

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