Sunday, February 16, 2014

Warriors, Into the Wild

There are a lot of these. wonderful,wonderful series.

The story
Into the wild is the first of a lot of heroic tales of Rusty the flame colored kittypet. He wanders into the woods despite his friend Smudge's warning of wild cats that eat cats like him. There he meets Graypaw, who is a warrior apprentice. intrigued, the next day he returns to meet Bluestar ,the leader, and that is where his life goes to the woods. He meets the cats Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw, and Spottedleaf.  He gets called a kittypet by Sandpaw and Dustpaw.  

Warriors is my favorite series in the universe, and Into the Wild is the first book. I got my brother,age 7 ,to pick this up. you must read these in order. The series is by Erin Hunter.



  1. I'm going to have to read this series! Thank you, Evalina!

  2. Great review! Riley loved these books as well, and I just bought 2 sets for the students who use my library. They will be excited :)

  3. Great review Evalina! My daughter Emma is around your age and hasn't read this series yet, so I'll have to pick up the first one for her!

  4. My daughters Annika and Brianna are nuts about this series, too!

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